A pebble in the water


“Put it all in a bubble and blow it away.  Bad thoughts be gone!”

I promise the panic has passed.  Nothing but positive thoughts here.

I watched a snipit yesterday  about a 13 year old boy who is presently climbing Mt. Everest.  When they asked him what has been the highlight so far he said “I have seen Mt. Everest.”  Base camp was enough and each step he took to climb to highest peak was the best thing yet.  Living in the moment…..is it really such a challenge?  I think it far more difficult to try and somehow control the future when you know it isn’t possible  and yet we try.  Being content and fulfilled in the place we are…..is it really so hard?  You can answer that one for yourself but for me it all lies in the way we talk to ourselves.  I had myself convinced  that it wasn’t enough, or maybe I wasn’t enough just the way I am but how could I not be?  To quote Popeye ” I yam  whats I yam”  (who’s blog quotes Popeye)  I have been working so hard at trying to be something more or maybe less when what I am (or was) would have been so much easier.  Once again, don’t take to the keyboard to reassure me because it doesn’t work.  I have learned, somewhat painfully of late, that you can’t convince somebody that they are good.  You have to learn that one for yourself but….and this is a big but….. if you learn to love yourself and act on that  it has an effect on everyone around you, a pebble in the water.

Do something kind for yourself today and believe it or not it is good for us all.  Thanks for stopping by.


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