Peek inside (if you dare)


We are now going where no man has gone before.  I trip inside the jungle that is my head.  Please feel free to turn back at any time.

I have a dilemma and maybe you can help.  It really is quite a practical one and I feel certain, one that you have probably dealt with once or twice.  It is really about setting priorities.

As I have briefly explained, we are a family of little means.  We do alright but there is the constant struggle to figure out which need is greatest and what purchases will yield the greatest rewards.  I am dealing with a few challenges that I think I have answers to but what comes first.

I desperately need a new mattress.  Good sleep…no need to tell you the benefits of  a good night sleep.   There are o so many reasons this is important.  I won’t go into how old my mattress is but let just say it’s way older than the industry standard.  I also have this cool little space that has been going to be my music room since we moved in here 4 years ago.  Something to consider however, we are renters and it would take quite a bit to make it a usable s pace in which to create.  I do have a vision for it but do I really want to try and scrape together funds for a place I do not own and really have no idea how much longer I will be here?

The reality in this moment is that I do not have the funds to do either but per my previous post, that is no longer my excuse not to get it done.  It will get done and I am open to any path that leads me to it’s fruition.   But here is where I get confused.  While living in the moment….this is where I live and nothing has come up that leads me to believe I am going anywhere any time soon.  So, this is where you come in.  To sleep, to create a space for music?  You tell me.  I will seek the means and inspiration to move in the right direction.  Let’s face it  there is a God above who wants us to prosper and I do believe the doors or windows that must open will be just that.  You can be a compass and help me look in all the right places.  Mattress……..Or Music room?  I would love to hear your thoughts.  Thanks for stopping by.

p.s.  I am going to figure out how to upload a video to the blog so you can see the space if that will help you sort this one out.  I really do believe that both options are going to get me closer to my ultimate goal ….finishing my CD.


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  1. My artist’s hand always moves towards the aesthetic, and as you throw yourself into the project of the music room- body and soul- by the time you’ve completed your room transformation, you’ll be so tired that the mattress will present you with a wonderful night’s rest. Hopefully you’ll wake up with an eagerness to enter that room and create.
    Enjoying your blog; thanks for the invitation.

  2. A little late in responding, but I say the mattress. You are absolutely right about the necessity (and power) of a rested body. When you are well rested and nourished, the creative juices flow more freely. That “freeness” could result in music no matter where you are. And, who knows, it might be the impetus for a brilliant idea about how to transform the space.

    (one of) your big sis

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