At the Crossroads


What is it about indecision that makes my heart race?  I make myself crazy and work really hard at avoiding making a decision.   How many calories can you burn staying in one place?  It seems to me that I should be a size two by now.  I put so much energy into not moving at all.   The internal conversations are really an exercise in futility because, in the end, I don’t even listen to myself or….maybe I listen to myself too much.  (see what I mean)

As a christian and believer in one creator of all things, I seek God’s will in my life.  Ultimately that is the goal but I worry sometimes that  I am talking to myself again and I cannot hear the spirit.  I wallow in fear and uncertainty.  I stand still. I am afraid to take a leap of faith because I tend to be a bit impulsive and go for what makes me feel better in the moment but I have come to see that even that is just another way of avoiding.

Maybe the answer is in making a choice and taking God with me.  Maybe God is there blessing what I choose.  I am really o.k. most of the time but sometimes I want to know the clear cut answer and maybe sometimes there is more than one path to choose from that will ultimately bring me peace of mind.  I am ready for that!  Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Michele,

    It’s a funny thing about walking with God… I don’t often “hear” from him about which path to take – that, I guess is free will. What I do hear more often that “go here” is “don’t go there”. But either way, it is usually not until I have decided which path I will choose. You are right – He will bless our choices as long as He is involved.

    One of my favorite verses is Rom 8:28. When you read it, consider that it says “all things”, not “all good things”. Also note that He is the one who does the work – or the knitting together of the things. We just need to be about His purpose.

    Love you lots!

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