O the glory of powdered soap


I am sitting here this morning trying to find something clever to say but I am too tired.  So why post you might ask, well…..

A writer writes.  Everyday,  a writer writes, regardless of the fact that no one may ever read what you wrote or hear it (in the case of a song) but you write.  I always loved the adage “dance like no one is watching”  so maybe I write like no one is reading.  In this case, it does seem to be true.

I check my sight several times a day.  They keep track of how many of you (are you out there) are stopping in.  I went from 28 on one day to 3 the next and 0 the next.  I have to say I was quite dismayed.  Why check so often you might also ask and to that I say………I haven’t a clue.

In truth I  guess I do have an inkling.  I believe this blog has become another means for me to validate myself.  O WHY!  I wish there was some magic tool to simply shut off the valve that seems to constantly leak need for approval.  Where does that come from?  I think I will have to dismantle all my wiring (or plumbing) to figure that one out.  I am determined to figure that one out and maybe I will learn to do better or maybe learn to love myself with all my scars and leaks.  I do on some level but I do make myself a little crazy with all the energy spent trying not to make waves.

On a positive note,   I went to hear my friend’s bluegrass band last night.  The entertainment was accompanied by insanely good pizza, a pitcher of root beer and the company of some of my favorite people to hang out with.  Aside from the crazy powdered soap in the bathroom….or ….maybe because of it……I had a great time and some really good laughs.   What is it about live music that makes me want to run home and write songs.  It is so great!  It doesn’t matter the genre or the venue, as long as the music is done with a lot of heart and a real desire to make people happy (yourself included) it never fails to inspire.  There’s a new song on the way.  “order number 70, your pizza’s up”  Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. I want you to know that, despite the numbers you’re provided, I have been reading (and enjoying) your post daily … but since they come to me in my email (via the Notifications option when I signed up), I can read them without actually accessing your site. In fact, I can even read them on my phone! However, since logging on will boost your numbers (and help validate your ambition), I will be sure to go through the motions of logging onto the site as often as possible. It’s not like I’m supposed to be working or anything like that!

  2. Don’t get yourself in trouble at work. I am learning to not put so much importance on the numbers. They do not diminish my experience in any way. Thanks for reading though.

  3. I also read them from my email, so they won’t register as a visit, I don’t think. As in the rest of life, waaay more people are paying attention to you than you might think…. and probably not nearly as many as you fear.

  4. Oh that powdered soap, one of life’s wonders. I hope that someday your girls will be grown and talk to each other about the weird soap at Me’n’Eds and laugh repeatedly about it like we can.

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