Beautiful Sunday


I swear I am not trying to make you jealous but I had the most beautiful  Sunday.  I really get the idea that we need a day to unplug or maybe plug in, depending on your perspective.  It was so beautiful outside, the music was plentiful.  I gave a little and received so much.  I hung out with my kids, did the crossword puzzle, drank coffee with reckless abandon.  Truly, it was a great day.  We had some company over and sat around in the early evening hours just chatting and laughing about old episodes of The Little Rascals.  My kids have recently been exposed and love them as much as I did when I was young.  We are truly blessed.

It’s funny how everything, once set in motion or intention, flows to one purpose.  Being well and creating something new and  trans formative, all comes together and everything becomes a part of it.  The tiniest thought or briefest of smiles, somehow find their way into your psyche and thus into everything you  do.  Life is good.  Thanks  for stopping by.


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