Inch by Inch


I am feeling inspired of late.  Need to grow something!  I remember some good advice a friend once gave me right before my wedding.  She told me to dig into the earth when you feel stressed.  Planting something has a way of “grounding us” (no pun intended) and making us feel connected to something bigger than ourselves.  It renews your spirit and let’s face it, we are all co-creators with the original Creator.  You can’t get connected to anything bigger than that.

I am going to grow a garden this year and the boys and I are researching composting today.  I am going to teach my kids the benefits of gardening and the satisfaction of growing  something wonderful.  Who doesn’t love the taste of a home grown tomato? (my kids for one)  Maybe we can learn something about life.  Digging in and creating, doesn’t that sound good?   Thanks for stopping by.


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