The Sun will come out Tomorrow (sing along)


Do you remember watching cartoons when you were young?  I was thinking about the ones where the character’s feet were spinning really fast but the top part of their bodies stayed in one place.  I’m sort of amazed that someone ever thought of that.  I know it sounds sort of silly but think about how often that effect was used and how we really feel that way sometimes.  You think that you are running so fast and you still come in last.  I have had this dream many times.  You are being chased by something or someone and you feel like you are trying to run through water.  I hate the feeling that what ever you are afraid of is barreling down on you and you know it’s going to get you.

Today feels insurmountable in that way.  I have set out on a journey and yet life is still happening.  Nothing is going to stop so that I can sit down with my guitar and write a song.  Nothing is even going to slow down but continue at a break neck pace and I am in the pool trying to get away.  “I’m not a very strong swimmer”  (thank you Martin Short).

Things  are over my head today so I have decided to swim to the side for a bit and regroup.  Tomorrow is another day whether you like it or not.  Right now tomorrow sounds pretty good.


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  1. Our internet was down for about a week, so I’m catching up. You make me smile.
    We listened to the “Bluer Skies” cd on the car the other day— it’s one of our faves. Hearing my kids singing harmonies to your songs is pretty darn awesome. Thanks.
    Keep going!!!

  2. As long as you are still smiling I am happy. I am trying to ignore the numbers but I do obsess a wee bit. It’s not why I started this and so it really isn’t important anyway. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I can’t wait to be able to give you a new CD and have your kids sing along. That make me smile. It is heavenly when your kids learn to sing harmony. We have done well.

  3. So I remembered how I added the links to other people’s blogs. When you log in, look on the left side of the screen and scroll down. There will be a section called Links. Click on “add a new link” and then you can add whoever you want- me, julie, claire, etc. Hope this helps. After this weekend is over, I will have a little bit more free time, and maybe I can figure out a time to come up and hang out with you and yours.

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