Dieter, heal thyself


Why is it, do you suppose, we do things that we know are not good for us?   I have been asking myself that one quite a bit lately.  I find myself trying to lose weight and knowing exactly what to do ( I have lost weight before) and yet I still dive right into that jar of chocolate frosting in the fridge with a huge spoon.   Have you been there?  You somehow convince yourself that you need it or that you ……deserve it?  Why can’t I see that I “deserve” to happy and healthy and not feel uncomfortable in my clothes?  See, the thing is, I know that too, but I guess I forget or give in to temptation.  I also know that I should just remove the temptation but that just seems like wasted money.  I should point out that we have birthdays in our house from January to May and that  while I can make frosting, the can taste really good and it is way easier.  That being said, at the moment I have one left over chocolate and one vanilla.   The Torture!!

I know what to do… why don’t I do it.  It sounds so trivial but anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows that it is in no way trivial.  I think more importantly that the problem really does spill over into the rest of our lives.   We don’t always do for ourselves what is right and good.  We often tell ourselves lies and don’t keep our promises to ourselves.  Most of us would never do that to a friend.  We try to tell them the truth, even when it’s hard, if we think it is best for them.  We don’t generally make promises we don’t at least intend and try our best to keep.   So why do we do it to ourselves?   Everyday I start out trying to surrender it all to God and be grateful just for waking up but I’m not up even an hour when I start to think of all the ways I am going to try and “be good”  and usually about an hour later I give up because I have done something I said I wouldn’t.   Sometimes I can convince myself that I didn’t have a choice……”we didn’t have anything else for me to eat.” but I know that isn’t really true (maybe a little)  I just want to learn to do better.

I’m going  to start right now.  I’m not even going to wait until tomorrow.  Today is still with me and there is plenty of time left to do something better.  I am going to throw the frosting away  or  maybe I’ll  have one more bite and then throw it out.   I’ll let you know how that one works out.    Maybe I’ll start with the vanilla.  It’s not my favorite anyway. Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Love it. And so GET IT.
    I don’t always comment, because I read them on my blackberry and am a failure at posting from there, but I do read them all.

    Our family has been eating in a whole different way since Ash Wednesday- didn’t stop after Easter. I’ve been posting a lot about it on facebook, but didn’t realize we hadn’t talked about it.
    Let’s try to chat soon- it changed my life. Changed all of our lives.
    Start with this: Food is just FUEL. God intended for food to nourish and heal us. We’ve come to see it as reward, comfort, even punishment. “You deserve a break today”, etc, makes us think we should feast and relish everything we eat, and that we are depriving ourselves if we don’t. But that’s in our heads, not the way things should be. Once you start thinking of it as FUEL, start mind-setting that you will change this in your life. Take time to meditate and pray about it, and give yourself a goal date to start- it’s fine to “just start”, but I believe much of my success is because I took some prep time. Then start eating the best quality, only REAL food. No additives, no sugars, nothing crappy— if Nana wouldn’t have recognized it as “food”, your body won’t either, because it’s NOT.
    Shell, in 12 weeks, I’ve lost 20some lbs, my body is changing, health issues resolving, and my kids and Art are healthier, too (acne cleared, sleeping better, things you wouldn’t even think of). This works, I swear. I may just write a book! 🙂
    Love you and believe in you!!!

  2. Don’t beat yourself up. I have had a definite, important goal (lose weight before going to Italy) but that didn’t even work for me. However, I did like what Jules said above about food being fuel. I need to think of it that way and see if I can change. If I can do it, so can you. In the mean time, do you have a box of graham crackers? Fill them with that frosting and the kids have a yummy snack/dessert!

    P.S. Did it hit home that Jules laid some of the blame on Barry Manilow for our food issues! Who knew?!

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