O Happy Day


Wow!  We here in So. Cal.  really have had some of the most beautiful weather in the past few days.  I realize how spoiled we really are here.  I am sitting at my kitchen table writing this now and I can feel the little breeze through my window and hear what seems like 100 birds singing outside.  I am grateful and blessed and wanted to remind you to spend some time outside today if you can.

I saw images of a flooded Nashville this week and my heart goes out to those who have been affected.  We have seen so many images lately of natural devastation and I think we have to do what we can to help and keep a positive thoughts and prayers for them.  I also think that we have to look around and take stalk of our blessings and love what is around us.

My  son was reading a story the other day about a boy who lives in a coastal village in Japan, who loses his whole family in a tidal wave (Pearl S. Buck)  and something one of the characters says really hit home with me “Life is stronger than death.”   Somehow, we move through disaster and loss, and find ourselves on the other side, standing in the light y again.  We are able to look around and see the good that the world still has to offer and better yet, what we ourselves have to offer.  We start to live again.  Life is an amazing thing isn’t it?  I am so blessed to be a part of it.


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