The Nitty Gritty of it all


Here are a few updates.

I did throw out the chocolate frosting but as predicted…. I did have another bite or two before doing so.  It was a “last supper” of sorts (unless you  count the chocolate chip cookies of last night)   I still have vanilla in the fridge but I don’t even like it so I think I’m o.k.

I did email my musician friends about working on the new song and only heard back from one of them.  I will see most of them this weekend and will definitely nail them down to a date.  It is hard for me as well because May is quite possibly the busiest month I have ever had ……In My Whole Life!!  I will get it done before the end of June.

I have a great friend who is picking number 4 up to take him to a play group today so my goal for the day is to actually sit down and play guitar.  This CD will not happen without the songs!  I haven’t spent much time trying to write formally but I do think this blog is serving up heaps of ideas.  It is true what they say about writing everyday.  I don’t think that the format is what is important or even the subject matter.  What ever it is, it gets the juices flowing.   Who knows, some of the post may actually become  songs.  The seed has definitely been planted.  But I should  tell you that I am a bit distracted today because I have lost my house keys.  These are the only keys we have to the house and they have been missing for a week.  I know (or at least I’m pretty sure) that they are in the house somewhere.  Say a little prayer to St. Anthony for me today, the patron Saint of lost things.

By the way…. the jury is still out on the new mattress ….music room debate (peek inside (if you dare) post)  I only heard from two people and the decision is split.   I must reiterate that I do not have the money or time to take action on this (yet!) but would love to hear what you think.   Thanks for stopping by.


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