I don’t really like Mother’s day.  It is really a hard holiday.  As a Mom, it’s sort of o.k. but I don’t really feel it’s a day off.  My kids still need me and they’re still cranky, as they are on any given Sunday and  things still need to be done.  I hate the pressure it puts on my husband to make everything work and not ask for help.   He is pretty good but as anyone with four kids knows, it’s not easy nor advisable, to fly solo unnecessarily.   It is especially hard when your partner is on the premises.  It’s like capture the flag,  they work as a team and someone will always find your weak spot and sneak  past the defense men and get the flag.  There is no way to protect the other (or the mother in this case.)  But  I will say that the home made cards and clay pots are pretty fantastic.   The thoughtful poems and colored pictures of Dora really fill my  heart to overflowing!   I don’t know if  our kids ever really know how much we love them until they have kids of their own.   Personally,  I can’t wait for that.  New babies yay!

From a daughters point of view………you can never do enough.   The pressure is tremendous.   My mom deserves every good thing that I cannot afford and worst of all wants nothing.   She really doesn’t need anything.   She is quite content in most ways and in the ways she might not be her happiest she has learned to accept and in this moment I probably couldn’t fix that for her anyway.   I would love it if she never had to feel any pain or ever had to miss out on things she would  like to attend because she isn’t feeling well.   I wish I could heal her so she never had to go to another doctors appointment or take another pill.   I wish I could build her a house that could house her whole family and a place she could get away and be alone.  I would grow her a garden of fresh flowers and enough fresh tomatoes for a tomato, lettuce, and miracle whip sandwich on toast for every day of the summer. (with a dash of pepper)  I wish I could grant her the ability to visit with her brothers and sisters again and maybe even an afternoon  spent with my dad.  I know she still misses him.

Well we know I can’t do any of that so I do my  best.   This year, I won’t be able to even spend the day with her.  I feel badly about that but she will be the first one to say “don’t worry about it.”  I know she really means it.  She  still takes care of me in oh so many ways.   The best I have to offer her is my kids.  The one thing I know brings her so much joy.  I try to include her in everything they do but I don’t have a car and she can’t drive so I have to thank my sisters (also moms) for getting her here.  My kids adore her and it truly warms my heart.  There really is almost nothing better than handing my mom my kids for the first time.  I have it all on film.   To see her holding the greatest gift I could ever give her (and I did it 4 times.) is beyond measure.   She walked me through having to leave the hospital without number 4 as she  had done so many years ago with her number 9.   I treasure those moments with her when we could relate mom to mom.   To many words and emotions to fit in this blog but I had to acknowledge is some  way today.   It’s all I have to offer this year.    Happy Mother’s day Mom.  I know you can’t read this but maybe one of my wonderful Mom/sisters will read it to you.   I love you.


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  1. I just read thus to Mom and she laughed often and said “oh, that’s so sweet” at the end. She also tossed in “I don’t need anything” just before you wrote it! I’m proud to say I made it through without tears but did get a lump in my throat a few times. (I’m glad you weren’t here – you would have karate-chopped me!)
    Happy Mothers Day to you! I love you!
    Your oldest sister/mom – Mary

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