The Road less Traveled


Sorry I was gone for a few days but I was really in a slump.  I was really tired and definitely uninspired.  I did get my guitar out for all of about 5 minutes, just until number 4 fell off his bike and skinned his elbow pretty badly.  Imagine me running down the street guitar in one hand, bleeding child in the other.  Looking back, it does paint a funny picture but in the moment I was a bit exasperated.

So, my new approach to such difficult times, do something ultra practical.  I decided today, that I am going to look into setting up a bank account so that I can start saving for studio time or what ever financial needs that present themselves in my attempt to make this CD.  It seems like a good idea right?   I really don’t have any expendable cash but maybe I can put away the smallest amounts.   Maybe just taking that action will bring me the abundance of cash I will need to do this in the way that I want to.   I am trying to do things differently and saving money has never come easily and I don’t usually try very hard or stay committed to the cause for which I am saving.   Life usually gets in the way.

I don’t know about you all but I can only be focused on something for so long.   When it comes to saving money, I tend to give in and spend the money saved on other things.   Sometimes it is things we need (kids shoes, groceries etc.)  but some  times I get discouraged and think “well I’m probably not going to be able to save that much anyway,  so what’s 25 bucks for pizza?  I’m too tired to cook.”    That is a biggie for me.  I retreat into my old ways because the task at hand seems insurmountable and don’t I deserve something nice?   I work really hard but I lose sight of what the “true” reward is and give up.   I am all about setting these crazy goals, things that will take a long time to reach, and then expect to reach them in a few weeks.  Perhaps it’s time to take a new road, one that I have not traveled,  if I want to go someplace different than where I’ve been.    I guess I have to start out small and actually reach a goal or two to know what success feels like.   Maybe then, I will want that just as much as the thing I want to achieve and who knows where that might lead???

A CD perhaps?


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