Circle of Life


I was recently asked by some friends of mine, to sing at their 25th wedding anniversary party.   I will actually be singing at a small ceremony that they have  put together where they will renew their vows.   It struck me the other day that this is sort of trifecta of sorts.   I first sang at one of their family ceremonies when their grandchild was baptized.   About  a year or so ago I sang at the funeral of the husbands mom.   Now I will be singing at an anniversary celebration.   At all of  these events I was privileged to  sing songs that were written by  the husband/son/grandfather of the family.

It really struck me that music is really the common thread.  How often in our lives, we celebrate and morn or come together over music.   We are musical people.  Each  of our lives has a very unique and special sound track.  I can be immediately transported back to the summer of 74 every  time I hear “Rock the Boat”  quite possibly the best summer of my life.   I spent the whole summer in my friends pool singing that song at the top of our lungs.   That following year my world would be rocked when her mother died suddenly and most certainly unexpectedly and now, in hind sight, that summer has become all the sweeter.    I remember Tony Orlando and Dawn and hot buttered popcorn after a full days swimming.  It was blissful!!!

Most of my memories of my Dad involve music.  I was caught off guard the other day when I was listening to music and the song “You’ll Never Know” came up and the tears came just as quickly.  They weren’t sad tears mind you but the kind that come when you have that feeling that really can’t be summed up by just one emotion. I can still hear him singing that song and loving to press my ear to his chest and feel him singing.   That is still one of the most comforting things I can think of.   The feeling, when you were young and still sitting on someones lap, and leaning in to their chest as they hummed a song.   I sometimes wish I could still feel that on nights when it is hard to sleep.

I sang a song at my wedding that I had written for my husband and I think he is a part of every song I have written since.  Of course there has been about a million lullabies since I have had my children.   Songs of praise and worship and doubt and struggle round out the group.   There is no way around it…..singing and writing and  music is like breathing.   I’m not sure I could live without it.   It has been there when I was celebrating and when I was sad or uninspired or scared or restless.   It is the one constant and my assurance that there is a God.  God has used music to connect and communicate with me my whole life and lets face it…..we are all tapped in.   Can you imagine your life without it?   We all have a list of CD’s we are going to take with us to that “deserted island” should we ever need them.   It is our expression of who we are and no matter the language we can be connected through music.   It’s all good!

I wish I knew how to post a song here but I have yet to figure that one out.   Go to you tube and find Rock the Boat.  I promise you you will smile.  It’s still the best.   Dance if you want to.  You know I will.   Stop for stopping by.


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  1. “…the kind that come when you have that feeling that really can’t be summed up by just one emotion.” Possibly the single best line about why music makes us cry. Love it.

  2. I realized after writing it that my punctuation was horribly wrong. So sorry. I do try. It should have read.

    I don’t know what that is . (period) Maybe you can enlighten me ? (question mark)

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