A Blessing and a Curse


So I was playing my guitar this morning.  I revisited a lot of older songs that I wrote so long ago.  I was surprised that I remembered the chords and the words to some but it was a lot of fun.  I played the two newer songs that sort of spurred on this idea of making a CD.  I played a few things that aren’t finished sort of hoping that new inspiration would hit and by some miracle I would finish one or, dare I say it, two.  That didn’t exactly work out.  Instead, a familiar and not so pleasant problem , reared it’s ugly head.

When it comes to music I feel a little schizophrenic.   I have a song that I have working on for some time now (really it’s been a few years)  that isn’t done.   I really love the concept but it definitely was born out of that part of my brain that creates blue grass tunes.   I’m not so sure how to fit it into this concept that I have been carrying around for this CD.  Musically it just doesn’t fit.   I have always felt this way about the stuff I write.   Because I am influenced by so many different kinds of music,  I write the same way.  My  love for music and my desire to write somehow collide.  It’s a blessing and a curse.   How can I make a CD that is cohesive and pleasant to listen to (all the way through) when I jump through all these different musical hoops.   I am all over the map and that might be a little hard to listen to not to mention produce.

I sometime try to convince myself that I am the common denominator and maybe that is enough.  If the song writing comes from an honest heart and tells and authentic story, the listener will connect no matter the genre.  It doesn’t really work that way.  The human ear and attention span and individual taste all comes into play and maybe my wanderings will lose the people I am trying to reach.   It’s really hard for me to live in a box or a musical category.   I love it all and it all comes out in my song writing.   Can all these questions be answered in production.   Can you take what was written with a blue grass heart and dress it up for the red carpet?   You get the schism   write?   I really don’t know.

So maybe the answer is to finish the songs and get them recorded and do more than you need so that the finished product will just sort of rise to the surface.  Try and record 15 songs so that 13 of them stick together and just make sense.   Maybe the answer is make 3 different CDs with fewer songs so that each one is musically cohesive?   I think I need a producer on board in these early stages to try and make sense of my ramblings.  I will have to keep thinking about that one.  Would love to hear your thoughts.   Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Writing this from my blackberry, which should tell you how important you are to me, because I’m really bad at this. I have definite ideas about this- CALL ME. In the meantime, just WRITE. There are zillions of stories about the songs that were produced but didn’t make the cut. Where do you think those “new” Beatles songs came from? One worry at a time, girl. Just let it all out of that heart of yours!

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