The Road Less Traveled (part 2)


It;s early and my house is so quiet.  The kids are still sleeping and I am trying to write quickly before they wake up.   If you haven’t noticed yet,  I haven’t been writing every day.  It was my intention and I think it is good to have goals but I haven’t exactly achieved that one.   Per my post about reading “The Happiness Project”  well…..I haven’t done that either.   I did check it out of the library and I actually read the forward but that was as far as I got.   I have started 3 new songs but haven’t finished those either.   The ideas are still there but I can’t remember much beyond that.   I always had this theory that if the song were any good I would just remember it right?   I think at this stage, counting on my memory is a bit crazy.

So what now.   My constant self examination has led me to this thought.   Why do I get half way down the road and turn back?   It is strange how even the tiniest events (and the big ones too) support this.   I don’t know if you read my post a few days back where I mentioned that I was going into pre production for one of the songs…..well that never happened.  Our car wasn’t working and I had to cancel.   I know that seems random and out of my control but it is hard to ignore the timing.   I have also been sick and it just seems to be lingering around, can’t shake it.  Oddly enough my illness has had me coughing for about 3 weeks now and that makes it hard to sing.   It has gotten much much better but it just won’t leave completely.   I feel like my psyche is working against me.   I am putting up road blocks to actually getting somewhere with this project.   I’m going to work on that, and while I am at it I will work on some of those songs as well.  Maybe instead of “road blocks” they are only detours that are meant to take me down a different path.  ” Yea, that’s the ticket…detours.”   That is how I am going to try and look at it from now on.   New path= new discoveries.  That’s not bad         right?


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  1. It’s NOT bad! I’m beginning to think that the attitude with which we face our daily issues is really where were we will be “judged” by God. Not just what we DO, but how we FELT doing it. How we emotionally went with the flow, followed our heart, showed grace under pressure, laughed at our misfortunes. Just a little something I’ve been working on myself. Love you!

  2. “The difference between ordeal and adventure is attitude.” That was a gem from Connie Norris that I have adopted as a mantra.

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