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There is one song that started this whole thing.   It’s a song about my dad.   For those of you who don’t know I lost my dad a little over4 years  ago.   It really took about 4 years for this song to finally come to the surface.  I know that sounds crazy but it’s true.   I knew what the song was about but it just  took it’s time making it’s way into the light.

It really just started with simple thoughts of heaven.  I remember sitting on my couch on a sunny cloudy Sunday and trying to see past the blue.  I don’t know if you have ever done that but it is something I have done most of my life.   I try to stare at the sky as long as I can.  It gets to a point where you feel like it is all around you almost sucking you into eternity.  It is crucial that you  find a spot where you can see it uninterrupted, no trees, no wires or roof tops, just blue.

Well, on that particular day, it got me thinking about my dad and heaven.  My dad had his pilots license when he was younger (my mom talks about one harrowing flight with him before they were married,  she never wanted to do it again) and was in the army air corps during world war II.  He wasn’t a pilot but he did spend his time in a plane.   I always thought it sort of interesting that he ended up in small town in California that just happened to be next to the airport.  I know that there were many reasons why my parents ended up where they did but I love to think that there was something pulling him towards his own love of flying.

I have known many pilots in my lifetime and have always felt that they all had something in common.  Can’t tell you what it is exactly but I imagine it has something to do with what they have seen flying above it all.  It’s like a secret they all have and we just wouldn’t get it if they tried to explain.   Maybe it is just a sense of what heaven is like.   When you are up there, in one of those small planes where you can still make things out (water,land etc.) it must be  a bit easier to see what God had intended.    I think my dad must have seen things up there that he just couldn’t have experienced here on the ground.   I recently found out from my mom that he used to take some chances and fly in some pretty bad weather between his small town in Northern Pennsylvania to Philadelphia.   Not sure what that was all about but I would imagine that you experience weather in a whole  new way when you are trying to navigate a small airplane through it.  I think he must have felt connected in some way to history.  The fact that man has always tried to find a way to fly like a bird, to be free of the earth and get a “birds” eye view, is not lost on those who continue to fly.  I wish I had asked him while he was still here.

He is home now and I imagine that he is flying somewhere.  He can finally fly free of machinery and instruments.   I imagine that he is in that eternal blue sky, perfect flying conditions and yet at the same time I feel him ever present with me.  Our relationship is free of the limitations of the human condition.   I have never felt closer to him.  It is such a gift.   Happy Fathers day one and all.


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  1. I should lend you a book I have called Wind, Sand, and Stars by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (author of The Little Prince). It’s about his experiences as a pilot. It gets pretty philosophical (anyone who’s read The Little Prince wouldn’t be surprised), and there’s insight to gain from it.

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