Pay Attention to the Man behind the Curtain


So the CD is done…..conceptually anyway.   I am always open to a shift but as of now the songs have spoken.   I really wasn’t thinking about themes per say, when it came to the song writing (lyrically speaking) but I  was really thinking about the music and hoping I could keep everything cohesive.   I’m not one to try and manipulate  the music.  I have always sort of taken it as it comes and tried to listen and follow.   For some of you that may sound crazy but almost every thing I have ever written, of worth anyway, has come that way.   When I can plug in,  it comes so fast at times it’s hard to keep up and really…stay out of the way.

When I made my other CD so long ago, I was always so frustrated by the process of recording and of course then, the product.   There was this mad rush to get it done, I was running out of money and the band was breaking up.   I was pushed to get more songs done than were really right to put on the disc and others that should have been on  were left off because there wasn’t enough time to work them out in the studio.   I was never happy with the sonic quality of the recording and truly, I thought, it just wasn’t very well thought out.   The one nice thing I can say is that I still believe in the song quality and that it was a HUGE learning experience for me.  I know better now.

So I was thinking about the theme that seems to be emerging this time around.   With out intention I seem to be writing a lot of love songs.   They aren’t mind you, your typical pop  love songs, but more sort of  love songs to my family.   They are less about infatuation and heart ache, and more about real life, forever love in all it’s glory.   Sometimes born out of frustration,  songs for my kids, are about what I want for them and how much I would do for them while knowing that they really are on their own path and are who they are.   Sometimes the lines are a bit blurred (the song is called Truly)  and a song starts out being about my son and turns into a song about my husband and how lucky I feel to have them all in my life.  They are heaven sent (even when they are driving me crazy)   This CD is really about the BIG LOVE that is just overwhelming and deep  and practical and  miraculous all rolled up into one.

Now if only I could keep it in one or two genres it might actually start to sound like an album one could listen to all the way through.  For some reason that last sentence has me singing “We’re off to see the wizard”  only there is no yellow brick road and the wizard has yet to reveal himself to me…..I’m talking about a producer.   I know he/she is on their way and I am anxiously awaiting the curtain to open.


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