Go Do…Now


So I am sitting here and listening to my new favorite song.   I heard it on my satellite radio station yesterday.   Of course I went right to ITunes and down loaded it and have listened to it about 100 times since then.   When it is good….there’s nothing better than music.  I never understood why my teenage cohorts were doing drugs when there was good music out there.  I’ve never done drugs (so maybe I can’t say) but give me a good song or vocal or guitar lick and I am like a junkie.  I can’t get enough!   I told my husband yesterday that I was so jealous I could spit.  All I have EVER wanted to do is make good music.  Doesn’t matter what genre….it just has to be good.   It doesn’t even have to be written by me I just want to sing more than anything I have ever wanted in my life (except for a life love which I have already taken care of) it is all heaven sent!  I am inspired and my spirit is renewed.

I had a little taste of it on the 4th.  My brothers (oldest and  youngest) and I and a good friend  of ours sat out in the shade of my mom’s back yard and played together.  My youngest brother plays a stand up bass and our friend played the dobro (that day) and myself and m y other brother  played guitars.  There is something about the gentle lean in that comes with singing harmony.  It isn’t forced or required but it comes from the desire to connect your voice to something bigger and really get lost in the bigger sound.  It is hard to describe the feelings but I know that they come from the  very core of my being and they have to be fed.

If you haven’t noticed….I am totally amped!   “What is this song that has got her going” you might ask.   It’s a song called Heaven Sent by a band called The Steeldrivers.   Crazy good (to me)  Now if you are adventurous …go find it, listen and enjoy!   Really go, do now!


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  1. Art and I drove 1800 miles to Branson to spend a couple days singing with my bros and sissies, uncles, aunts and cousins. That was truly the goal for me- get there to SING. It was soul-soothing, energizing, life-renewing.
    I so get you right now.

  2. I’d make that drive! Sounds like a great time. Of course I would spend my time in the car well….listening to great music and getting my kids to sing harmony. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

  3. Totally agree with your sentiments re: harmony singing. I like listening to a recording with two parts and finding a third; when I sing it I feel intertwined.

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