O.K. …so here’s an update.   I recently was looking for a little spinet piano that someone might want to part with for a reasonable price (well…not reasonable really.)  Maybe $100 dollars or less.  I  really thought someone might just want to get rid of it and that  somehow the universe would bring us together.    I really just wanted something small that I could use in my up and coming back yard concert.   After many days of pouring over Craig’s list, I found nothing.   Somehow, in the midst of all that surfing I that I had sold an old Yamaha keyboard to a friend of mine.  It really is a dinosaur of a thing but it has weighted touch sensitive keys and almost feels like a piano.   He still had it and was willing to loan it to me for a time.

We got it home and set it up today and it really is nothing like playing the piano as I thought it was.  It will take some getting used to again and I’m not quite sure the sound is just right but for now it will do.  I am excited because it feels like I am one step closer to making this a reality.

I also connected with someone that I have wanted to work with for some time and she is actually interested.  I was, as you can imagine, ecstatic, that she was willing and dare I say it …….. I little excited to finally be getting something together.   We have yet to meet but I am going to make some effort on that one this week.

I have this crazy thought to get this together in the next week or so and actually do it in August.   My dad’s birthday would have been on the 17th and some how that seemed a fitting way to celebrate.   He is in a way the inspiration for this hole thing anyway.   I think it’s crazy but it just might work.   I will keep you posted.


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  1. That keyboard may not be what you remembered it to be, but it certainly was an inspiration to #4 because he serenaded us for nearly an hour on Friday morning! My favorite was one particular ‘tune’ he was playing over and over (with the appropriate percussion, of course!) – turns out, he was trying to ‘find’ the Mario Brothers theme song, but he said he could only make it work on the highest keys and, as he said, “that’s just not the way it goes!”

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