What if?


Some days I just feel like I need to get away.   I was thinking about sitting on the beach today or just wondering through some random city.   I love to people watch (someone other than my kids) and wonder what they are thinking or where they are headed.   My need for inspiration is all consuming!  Don’t get me wrong….my kids and family are truly inspirational but I do fear becoming somewhat repetitive and they are too close sometimes.  I sometimes find inspiration in some pretty strange places but most of the time I think it comes from being in a different place and having a new perspective on the ordinary.

I often find myself pondering one word, just letting it tumble around in my brain until it attaches itself to another word and then a thought and so on.  I love the way two things,  seemingly unrelated, can somehow connect and a new thought is born.   What if?  Maybe?   Suppose that?    Time to break out….if only the guitar,  and start writing.


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  1. I’m on my way to Branson on Sunday. We’ll be there for 10 weeks, so I can be a doula for Betsy. When I get home in November, you need to take advantage of this offer: I would like to have your children come stay at my house. Yes, I know. But I have 2 teenagers and a very happy to help soon-to-be 11 year old. We’d love to give you a couple days vacation, time to people watch, write your music, or just get Christmas shopping done. Start wrapping your brain around it, you know we’ll watch them as if they were our own, and we can have a few dry run visits beforehand if you like. This is purely selfish- I want to hear your music!!!

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