Ask and you shall recieve


I was sitting around after mass yesterday and “no I was not eating donuts” but I was talking to friends.   The subject matter ranged from birthdays to our up coming family picnic and parish festival.   There was something for everyone.   I happened to mention that I was looking for a small spinet piano for a project I was working on.   Wouldn’t you know….my friend has one that no one in her family seemed to be using.   What?   is really going to end up being that easy.   I have to tell you that I am the type of person who will drive past a parking spot in front of the venue a plan to attend because I’m sure there must be something wrong or else it would be taken.  In my defense, here in L.A. you need to take some sort of class to read the parking restriction signs but really…….why couldn’t I have the spot?   I am a firm believer in “too good to be true”  but I am starting to change my tune even if it is  just a bit.

Now the piano isn’t actually mine yet and it might not ever be but the triumph is in the asking.   I have been pouring through Craig’s list everyday and it had become quite tedious and depressing.   Every piano I found was too big and way out of my price range which truly isn’t anything.   Maybe I would find someone willing to pay me to take one off their hands which is really what I could afford.   I did it everyday like it was my job.   Somehow I would work it out and yet all I had to do was ask around.

The reality is that I knew something was out there just for me.   We just had to find each other.   I am learning, through this whole process to listen and say yes, even to things that sound outlandish or impracticable.   God has a plan and sometimes it sounds outlandish and impracticable but with the  courage of Esther or Joshua I too must speak the truth and blow my trumpets in the desert while people shake their heads and tell me I’m crazy.   I guess the lesson is taking hold, at least for today,  I know I will doubt again but there is a part of me that knows the truth and is getting better about climbing out on that limb.    Have a great day!


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