On Recycling


I just love being a child of the 80’s.   I know that as a musician it was sort of a strange time fraught with electronics and weird  clothes but there was something for everyone.   I find myself listening to music now and saying “doesn’t that sound like….” fill in the blank.

I recently borrowed my neighbors car and found myself cruising down the 110 (if you can believe that) listening to Billy Joel.   I know that he really started a bit sooner but the bulk of what he did was in the 80’s.   I still amazes me how he was able to take classical chord progressions write a story (most of his songs are short stories) and we called it pop.

I was a freshman in high school in 1980.   I was still listening to Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Jackson Browne and Paul Simon but now I had bands like Styx, Journey, The Go Gos and Genesis.   Really that only scratches the surface for me but they are what comes to mind.   I also was listening to the little less known Marshall Crenshaw who was overshadowed (I believe) by a little guy named Elvis Costello.  I started to write music that year as well and really caught fire a few years later (88 0r 89) when I discovered 10,000 Maniacs.   I remember thinking “how did I live before this”  every time a new band came along.   Of course my older brothers made sure that I was still listening to plenty of blue grass and one even got me into Irish and Scottish traditional music.  I still loved to listen to singers and standards and just kept layering on one genre after another.   What a decade for me.

I love to revisit it now and again but am really amazed at some of the new music I have been listening to as well.  The Weepies are on my heavy play list now , Be My Thrill is the name of  the new album and I highly recommend that you go to their my space page and take a listen.  I was listening to the new, danceable, Be My Thrill in specific and had a sort of Go Gos flashback.   While I would say that the Weepies are a bit more sophisticated there is definitely a ghost in the music, a nod to another era all together.   I guess music really is the most easily recycled product we humans produce.  It is lovely when that new, freshly pressed, song comes out and yet it connects on some level like  dejavou. (sp?)

Every generation has it’s songs and strangely, I feel connected to things that came out long before I was even born and new music pulls me to it as well.   I guess that music  really is the gift that keeps on giving on every level.   Enjoy something you love today and maybe even sing along.


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  1. I hope it was an oversight and you weren’t just ashamed to mention that you also listened to (and LOVED) Barry Manilow! (Sorry if I just outed you to your music friends!)

    And .. it’s deja vu.

  2. while I refuse to call myself a “fanilow” I will wear my “recovering Barrry Manilow fan” button with pride. Loved him then and still do. Paradise Cafe is still a much underrated LP.

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