First day mom


I just dropped #s 1,2 and 3 off at school.   Number 4 will be home for about another month before it’s his turn.   What will I do?   In a strange way, I have both looked forward to and dreaded that day.   Mind you, #4 will only be a way for a few hours in the morning but he will be gone all the same.   The world will have officially taken over my kids.   I will now struggle (with all of them) to maintain my influence and protection over their little hearts and minds.   Ultimately they will all come home thinking someone else’s mom is way cooler than me.  I have come to terms with the fact that I am way too old and way too Catholic to be the “cool” mom.    I’m o.k. with that I think but it does wear you down sometimes.   It is the same thing that  most moms go through I think but it seems somehow unique when you are the one feeling it.   I often find myself in a strange place with other moms as well because we stay at homers are not in the majority and I don’t find too many moms these days that have 4 kids and that  can be a little difficult.   Ultimately we are more alike than even we think.

I know that most of it find it hard to shop for ourselves when the new fall kids clothes are so cute and we just don’t want our kids to get teased for what they are wearing.    I know that we all hate it when our kids get upset because we try to send them lunches that we think are healthy when “EVERYONE ELSES” mom is sending them the latest new fangled food out on the market (usually some sort of day glow yogurt product)   We all want our kids to be happy and healthy and perhaps most of all, we want our kids to like us.   We want them to come to us for advice and not their friends on the playground.   We want them to like themselves just the way they are and not because the other kids deem them “popular”.   We want to give them freedom but we want to protect them from all the  evil in the world.   Being a mom is sometimes the hardest thing in the world.

This morning I went to my #2 and asked her to keep an eye out on a little one who is  in her class and is struggling on his first day.   “He needs a good friend today, can you do that for me?”  To which she smiled and said “o.k. mom”  as if I ever needed to say that to her in the first place.   She knows what to do.   Maybe I am doing something right?   ARRGGHHH parenthood.

J-E-T-S   JETS JETS JETS!!!!!   Sorry….it’s the first game of the regular season.   I couldn’t help myself.


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  1. Far be it from me to correct you (or anyone else on their own personal blog), but I can’t let this one go: “Being a mom is sometimes the hardest thing in the world.” Sometimes? That word is unnecessary and almost negates the reality of your statement. Being a mom IS the hardest thing in the world, as the choices we make carry the most extreme repercussions, good or bad, but at the same time it can be the most rewarding opportunity of our lives, as you found out in the simple “OK, Mom” answer from #2.

    Forget about being the cool mom – just work toward being the one they still kiss hello and goodbye when they’re bigger than you! That’s when you know you got most of it right!

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