A Voice is a terrible thing to Waist


I would like to start this post saying that I had a firm diagnosis …..but I don’t. (see previous post)    I have however, eliminated my worst fears.   There is still something going on with my throat and I am awaiting the diagnosis (or not) of something else.  What ever the cause, my throat still hurts a little when I sing.   I am learning so much about myself that I can’t help but see this as a good thing.   A negative diagnosis will be good because I don’t have some disease that will cause some major life style changes.  A positive diagnosis is o.k. because there is a way to make changes and manage something that I have been living with for some time.   Either way you cut it….I can and will be better.

I also learned something invaluable.   Take care of your voice.   All you singers out there hear this.   Warm up, stay hydrated, exercise, eat right and basically learn to value what you have.   You are no different from an athlete and  you have to train and maintain a healthy body.   Be grateful for you gift and be good to yourself.   At any sign of struggle see someone about it.    Getting a scope is a good thing and it isn’t all that bad either.   I was so nervous about it I made my husband go with me.   It is good to have a friend with you especially if you are worried about the outcome.    If you value your voice, even if it is only for you in your shower, treat it like anything you value.   Don’t abuse it, treat it with lots of  TLC.

I will get off my soap box now ….just know that you are worth it!


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