The Happiest Place on Earth


So I found myself in the studio this week.   Don’t get too excited.   I was only there to record a song for someone else.   The good news is ….I was in the studio this week.    It was a really cool space and the guys who work there were amazingly fun.   I actually did the song in one take (yay me!) but we did two and ended up just keeping the first go.   I was a little sad that it went so well.   I could have stayed there all day but there was a husband and children to gather so that just wasn’t possible.

Let me just say this about that….”It’s better than Disneyland.”   I can’t think of another place where I could be in total bliss for hours on end.   I just feel so at home.    The other bright spot in all of this is that I may have found a studio to work in.   It has an amazing live piano and it is literally 30 minutes from my house…even with traffic.  I suspected, from the moment I walked in that I was going to spend some time there in the future.    It really came across my path and I’m certain it was for a good reason.   Lets all just keep our fingers crossed and say lots of prayers.   Later on I will figure out how to pay for it.


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