Daily Archives: November 5, 2010

I Get By with a Little Help


Well we are officially in talks with the studio and could actually be in it on the 16th of this month.   I have to admit that it is a bit scary.   I have always had trouble when I get this close to something I want really badly.   Why does success scare me so?

Well……here’s the really scary part.   I signed myself up on something called The Point last night.   It is a mechanism by which you can ask for donations for anything.   People can log on and read your brief bio and donate if they choose.   You set an amount that you think you need to accomplish a task and if you receive enough donations (meet your goal) the company will then charge the credit card company of the donor and send a check to the donatee.   It all sounds fairly innocent except that some of the causes are very rewarding….world peace, help the homeless etc.  and I am selfishly asking for help in making my own dream come true.   While I do believe that music makes a difference it does seem to pale in comparison to these other worthy causes.   I tried to make myself feel better by posting (here on my blog) that if you donate the price of a CD ($18) I will give you one when it is all finished.   Maybe giving you something will ease my somewhat guilty conscience.   I am telling myself that you are investing in something you would purchase (I hope) later anyway.

Check out The Point.   If you see something of value there that you think you should donate to then maybe I did something for someone any way.    I have a link to my personal page here on my blog.   Just scroll down and  look on the right hand side.   It says “donate and get a free CD”   The choice is yours and thanks for you consideration and help.