Only Time Will Tell


It finally feels like fall!  After a week of daunting heat it is cooling down and the clouds are rolling in.   I have to say that I have mixed emotions.    While the heat has been making things a we bit harder around here, the cool gray weather makes me want to cocoon myself and thus….not get anything done.   I have been spending too much time on my computer and stressing over things I have no control over and not doing the things I should.    Time for rebooting my motivation and getting back on track.

It isn’t that I am lacking in the things to do department, it is quite the opposite.    I have been waiting, however, for some magic email or notice that my future looks brighter and there for I don’t have to do anything.   I don’t think I am going to win the lottery or anything like that but perhaps my wishes are somewhat in the same category.   I keep thinking that maybe someone will hear one of my songs out in cyber space one day and say “hey that would be perfect for our commercial or film” and then the checks will just start rolling in.   Most of the time it really is about the money because that would allow me to spend sometime in recording studio with out having to way how badly I might need a hair cut or a new pair of shoes.   Sometimes (and not so infrequent) it is about someone saying “this music is really great”  “who is that singer song writer and where can I find her”   I have this dream of playing some where and some total stranger wanting to talk about my music.   I love to talk about music!  It doesn’t even have to be mine  I just like to dwell in that realm from time to time.

I do have a few irons in the fire and now have a new obsession.  I keep checking The Point (see previous post) to see if anyone has taken me up on my offer.   I have changed my bio a bit and the suggested price.   Now, here on my blog you will see (scroll down on the right hand side) that is says “Pre Order a CD” which is more of what I wanted to say anyway.   I also changed the suggested price.   I think I was a little full of myself the first time through and dropped the price by quite a bit.   There is an underlying reason for my doing this at all.   The first and most obvious reason was to raise some funds to actually get this CD made.   But to speak for the a fore mentioned reason…….if you preorder I have to finish right?  There will be no backing out….if you can commit than I must as well.    So once again I must force myself into it.     I have to create a plan with no safety net, no  way out , no emergency exit.   I do feel a bit like I am sky diving without a parachute but I am flapping my wings as fast as I can.    We’ll have to wait and see what happens.


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