Daily Archives: November 17, 2010

Calling all Muses


I just got home from the studio and had to sit down and capture my thoughts.   It was interesting to  say the least.   I really just went in and recorded vocal and guitar live (both at the same time)   We did two takes each of three songs.   Usually the second take was better than the first and so we kept that.

It was just me and the  engineer, who by the way, was very quiet.   I heard “cool” come out of his mouth a few times but not much else.   It really was just me and my voice.    It was a different experience for me than the other times I have been in the studio.   Usually I was there to work on a song with someone I was writing with.   There was lots of talk about where to put in harmony and where to sit out.   We would really listen to the lyric and let it dictate what was happening with the production.   We would listen, sometimes, just to the melody and music and write the lyric based on the rhythms and musical phrases we heard.   We called upon the muse to tell us what the song was about.   This time the songs were done and there wasn’t really anyone there to bounce ideas off of  and we weren’t really producing anything ……yet.

For now I can sit with the CD and listen over and over, and call upon the “muses” to tell me where to go with it next.   I will think about backing vocals and instrumentation and mostly about where I will get the money for my next trip to the studio.   That might take some time but I am working on it.   Once again let me point out the link on my blog roll.  Scroll down and on the right hand side and click on Pre-order CD.   It will take you to a page where you can pre order your CD and when I raise enough money they will send me a check.    If that doesn’t work I will think of something else.  I feel confident tonight that it will happen.

Stay tuned….I am going to try and get a clip of what I have done thus far and my blog.   Don’t know how yet but if it is possible I will figure it out.   Blessings!