Creativity for Creativity’s Sake


Over the last week, I have heard from so many of you and let me say thank you for taking the time to listen and send me a few words.

I wanted to make sure that you understood that this is just a demo of Truly (see previous post) and that is going to change a wee bit before it actually is called “finished”.   I am not going to tweak it too much as it has always been my intention to keep it simple and sparse and let the words really speak for themselves.

For me it is a very visual song and I have shot the video (in my head) a hundred times over.   I would love to make a video of it someday.  I’m not sure it would serve any purpose other than to be a creative outlet for me.   I’m not so sure that is a good enough reason.   Is it o.k. to spend ones time and money on something that really will not mean a hill of beans when all is said and done….or might it mean something to someone?   Creativity for creativity’s sake?   I do believe that we are all given visions  and to ignore them is really to our own detriment.   If I am to accept the difficulties and struggles in my life as “a part of God’s plan”  shouldn’t I then, conversely, accept those visions as right and good even if I think they are silly or trivial.   Never under estimate “God’s plans”!    Follow the desires of your heart because God put them there in the fist place.  So if any  one of you out there reading this fancies him or herself a camera operator and has the equipment let me know.

There I go again…..cart before the horse!   I will work on getting the CD done for now and think about that other stuff latter……but let me know if you are interested.


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