Have a Merry Happy!


Well,  I wanted to give you wonderful readers a little gift.    I posted another song on the  blog.   Go to the music icon at the top and you will find two songs there, Truly and now It’s Christmas Time Again.   I wrote the latter with my son’s class last year.   We wanted a holiday song that reflected more of an L.A. feeling.    I think we did o.k. in that department.   It’s nice to live in the “City of Angels” at Christmas time.   Who else can claim that title.  I do believe that we really are surrounded by Angels most especially at this time of year.   I hope that you all find some time to be still and quiet and reflect on your blessings this year and if you feel like that is difficult than blessings on you as well.

By the way….this is really just a demo….one take…..don’t expect perfection….just accept the love with which it is being offered.


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