Re Resolution


Well it’s that time of year again….time for New Year’s resolutions and such.   I really do try to make at least one.  There is no larger or cleaner slate than the beginning of a whole new year, right?  The funny thing is that I decided not to make any new resolutions at all.   I guess that is a resolution in itself.    I really just decided to follow through with last years.   I am recommitting myself to the one I made last year which was to get a CD made.

I don’t know about you but I believe in signs.   I think God is always  pointing the way and when you finally ask,  “where to now?”   He will clearly send you a sign.   Yesterday while sitting in church  the readings were all about honoring your parents and honoring your father was mentioned about a billion times, or at least it felt like that.   That is how God is (with me anyway).   Most of the time he has to beat me over the head with it so I get it.   In this case I think He was just telling me that I was on the right path.

My dad and all that comes with that relationship, was really the nucleus of this whole idea.   It all started with one song about him and where I am at with his parting from this world.   Everything  changes when someone you love, especially a parent, moves on to the next life.   You really reevaluate everything!    It brought about a change in the way I even saw my own children and the new life I was expecting when my dad went on.   It changes you at your core.

So today I am moving forward in my endeavors to get this CD finished starting with the song for my dad..Home Now.   I hope to have it finished by February but I am not making any promises.   I hope to put together another show to raise funds to get the recording done.   Stand by for more details.   Oh, and by the way……Happy New Year to you and yours.


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  1. I got hit over the head too! I know that reading well (used it at my wedding), but I never noticed how many “father” references there were until yesterday. I got a little misty! Great idea to choose to make “complete last year’s resolution” your this year resolution, but you must know that you have certainly honored your (our) father in how you are raising your children and conducting your married life. I can’t wait to hear “Home Now” but I know that Dad will never feel as honored by any song as he feels in knowing that we have applied what we learned from him about being a good person and parent in our everyday lives.

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