Clink Clink!


Rain rain go away…….I know it must sound terrible when anyone from Southern California whines about the weather but really?    It has rained for almost all of the family’s Christmas vacation and  Dad is going back to work on Tuesday 😦   I know…..I shouldn’t complain about that either as he has been home for two weeks and we even had a lunch date in that time.   I’ll quit complaining now it’s just all this rain is making me sort of melancholy.  I have really become such a lump.   I tried to keep myself busy but I think with all the wrong things.   I need to get back in shape, lose some weight and possibly regain some energy.

We did manage to get the whole family out for two hikes over the break and I have to say that it was quite nice.   Los Angeles really does have some beautiful parks with great trails.   Thanks to my mom (she gave me a camera for  Christmas) I was able to capture some great moments with the kids.   I haven’t had a camera for some time and it is also a passion of mine.   I have actually thought about taking photography classes but that will have to wait.   For now I am happy snapping pictures of the wee ones and hoping to get myself ready to be on the other side of the lens without totally freaking out at seeing my own image.   At some point I do envision having pictures for the CD.   It is a thought that scares me to death but I know the connection between the music and my own body is quite strong.    It does make a difference in how you feel and thus how you preform.   It all boils down to comfort and confidence and I would like to get out and play a few shows when this is all said and done.    I’m gonna need to sell a lot of CDs if I am ever going to be able to justify it financially.

So I guess it’s weight watchers for me.   I know…….I said I wasn’t really going to make any New Year’s resolutions but this isn’t really one.   I have known this for some time.   I also know what to do but somehow getting on a scale once a week ….in front of someone else…….well, it makes a difference to me.   I feel accountable and when you are paying for it it is an absolute must.

This is my year!   It’s not a new me mind you,  it’s really just becoming more myself.   I want to sync up the inside and the outside and the in between side.   This year I don’t want to see the ball drop (I’ve seen that way too much) but get the ball rolling!   I think it is  important to honor the commitments we make to ourselves.   So here’s to 2011  may it be a great one for us all!  clink clink (that’s the sound of champagne glasses but I’m not drinking so this will have to do.)


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