Questions and Advil


Have you ever been through one of those periods in life where you feel like you are falling apart?    I  mean those times when you just can’t seem to get well and it is one thing after another.    It is hard to function and I find myself questioning it’s purpose.   Is it my body’s way of slowing me down?   Maybe God  is intervening so that I will emerge from this dark whole a better, stronger person.   I suppose the latter is always possible, under any circumstances, if you choose to see it that way.   Is He  waiting for us to turn to Him so that He can show us the way.    Sometimes I think He is coming through loud and clear but  then I start to think “what if it is just my own voice drowning Him out”   I am not very good at being still and listening so I ask that question a lot.

Needless to say at this point, I have been in this very situation since last week.   When are road blocks just that, road blocks?  When are they there to make us turn back to avoid disaster and when are they there to test how much work we are willing to do for success?   Let’s face it, success without a great deal of good old fashioned  hard work, can seem sort of hollow or less than satisfying and praise will sound a little flat.   How can one tell the difference?   It is these sorts of times and questions that stop me dead in my tracks.   No answers today…..just questions and a lot of Advil.


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  1. A poem by Hafiz that I have found strangely comforting in times of struggle:

    Absolutely Clear

    Don’t surrender your loneliness so quickly
    Let it cut more deep
    Let it ferment and season you
    As few human or divine ingredients can.

    Something missing in my heart tonight
    Has made my eyes so soft
    My voice so tender
    My need for God
    Absolutely clear.

    Though loneliness might not always be the issue. The idea can still transfer. Just allow yourself to be in your discomfort, it has its own wisdom to offer.

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