What We Must Do


So I am trying to decide how much help to seek out on this little project of mine.   I think I need a guitar player but trying to nail someone down who is a working musician is a hard thing to do.   I think it is a really good choice for the music as I want the songs to be well served and I am not the best guitar player.   The problem really lies in that,  I am probably good enough and I am available and will play for free.  If nothing else, I am practical.   Sometimes however, impatience can come dressed in the costume of practicality.  I can also find a little self denial in that as well.   I will choose to not get what I really want because it costs too much money.  For example,  I tell myself that it would be selfish to spend that kind of money for curtains in my bedroom(which I desperately need as now we are using a sheet…Yuck!) when the cheaper ones would be o.k..   I get the curtains and am always unhappy with them and wished I had spent a little bit more and gotten what I wanted.   Sometimes quality is sacrificed for the sake of what I think is more practical.

At the moment, I am chomping at the bit to get into the studio and get something done but find myself waiting for others to be available.   I think, ultimately, I will be happier with another guitar player but it could be another month before I can get that done.   What to do?  For now I am working on my own version of recording so that I can work on a vocal arrangement for the first song.   It includes a two CD players and an old cassette tape.   It’s my version of a 4 track recording studio.   We do what we must.


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