To Everything There is a Season (I hope)


Notice  anything new?   If you have been by the blog in the recent past you might have noticed that I have changed the picture yet again.   Time to pull myself out off the winter blue and into the spring green.  It’s easier said than done.   As of late I have found myself in quite a blue place and just trying to tread water.   Perhaps a change of scenery on the blog doesn’t seem like much but I am hoping that small changes on the outside will somehow effect the inside.   It used to be that I wanted to run and write music when I felt this way but as of late my focus is less than, well, focused and my energy is even less.   It seems a little strange because this time of year is usually my best time of year but I have been carrying around some pretty serious pain in my heart and some times that kind of hurt has to just be there.   It takes a long time for me to bring it to the light and  express myself.   Sometimes it doesn’t come until I am well on the other side of it.

With that in mind I ask you to pray for a good friend of mine who is going through stomach cancer treatment right now and a very young  girl who’s name is Kate Mcrae.   I have been following her story for some time now on her mother’s blog.  I was drawn there by a song which somehow  seems fitting, by a woman named Audrey Assad.   I mention them all to you in the hopes that you  will find them if you are ever wandering the blogisphere.

Kate is a young girl who  was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer and who, after a very difficult treatment, has come to find out that her cancer is back and  her parents are left with some heavy decisions.  You can find out a little bit more here on the word press site.   Go to or you can go to and read their incredible story.   They have faced this with more grace and  faith than  I think I could ever muster.   Please pray for their family as Kate has a sister and a brother as well.   If you go to Audrey Assad’s myspace page you can also hear her song for little Kate.   It his heart wrenching and uplifting and reaffirming all at the same time.   I think you will love it and  all of her music.  It is quite profound.


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