More Nuts and Bolts Please


Once, long ago, I posted about struggling with a decision.   I was trying to figure out if I should spend the money on creating a music studio at my house or to buy a desperately needed new mattress.   I few of you weighed in but it was pretty much split 50% 50% so it didn’t really help.   At the time, it was all in the “what if”  category as I had the money for neither.   Well….that changed recently when my father in law won some money in the  lottery and decided to share his good fortune with us.

I am here today to share  with you that I am anxiously awaiting a good night sleep.   We went with the mattress for our health and well being.   I know now, that my skills as an engineer are somewhat lacking and I would really rather leave that to the pros.   On that note ……I am also putting together the pieces needed to get back in the studio in the next few weeks and actually finish one of the songs.   I hope to be able to post it here by the end of March.    I am trying to set some deadlines for myself or this CD will never get off the ground.   I don’t really want to talk about it in theory anymore and hope to be posting more of the nuts and bolts of the process very soon.   It’s time to  put my money (ha ha) where my mouth is.   My hope is that, with a few weeks of restful sleep, I will be able to hit the ground running.   Stay tuned!


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