At a Snails Pace


Feeling a little frustrated today.   First off, after several weeks of  successful weight loss I gained a pound this week.    I knew what I was doing but I am upset about it none the less but that is really for another blog.

Mostly these days I am frustrated because I can’t seem to get the  musicians together to get recording.   I can’t even get some of them to respond to my emails  even after several promises from them that they will get to it.   I get that peoples lives are busy and that they don’t see this project the way I do.   I also realize that these “people” are my friends and are doing me a favor but I really am ready to pull my hair out.   I am really feeling like I am running out of time to make this thing happen.   I wanted it to be completely done by the fall of this year but I haven’t even really begun to get it started.   I am starting to consider going it totally solo or having to hire musicians and I don’t have the money for that.   Did I already mention how frustrated I am!   I am on the war path now and am really seeking out an answer for today.   Stay tuned and  hopefully this will be a done deal and you will actually be listening to something new in the next few weeks.


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