It’s Show Time


Well I have been feeling so discourage of late.   After weeks of trying to get it together enough to get in the studio….nothing!   It is so hard to rely on other people who, like me, have so much going on and really not a lot of incentive to push things aside for a project for someone else.   I can’t control that so I tend to through in the towel.   I need to find a way to motivate myself in spite of the fact that April and May are shaping up to be crazy busy.

I am planning on doing a show in my lovely backyard space.   It will probably be just me and  my guitar but I’m trying to convince myself that  that is enough.  I think trying to work with other people’s schedules will just be more of the same and keep me in this holding pattern.  I want…..strike that…….I need to play.   I am a musician and I have to start acting like one.   I can use the money to further the project.   Who knows,  maybe I will get up the confidence to start playing some gigs out in the clubs.   I know it sounds minor but in my head it has the makings of a major leap.

I will keep you posted on the date.   For now I will say that it will be sometime in May.   The summer is upon us and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than an out door concert.   Even as I write this I am getting a little excited.   Maybe the challenge of putting it together will be enough to recharge my batteries.   One can only hope.


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