Rumer Has It


When life and music collide, I can usually be found in a puddle.   I found myself in exactly that spot as I sang at a wedding yesterday.   Two sisters (cousins of the  bride) sang “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” and I was stunned.   Their voices separately were totally unaffected and pure and together they were angelic and ethereal.  When the younger of the two glanced over to smile at the bride who was obviously well pleased,  well……open the flood gates.

I have recently discovered the artist Rumer and have had a profound response to her  as well.   I have been meandering around Youtube and seeking out everything this British artist has to offer and low and behold I found “Come Saturday Morning”  and found myself  emailing the link to my dearest friends whom I see way too little of.   There is a story behind the meaning of that song but it is too much to post here.   Needless to say I left a rather teary message to my friend.   What is it about music that gets me right where it counts.   Sometimes it’s the melancholy tear sometimes tears of joy but what ever it is you can bet there was a song involved.

Oh to  be able to share that gift with others.   It is something truly amazing and  wonderful.   I will say that  the lyric can  get me as well but there is something in the melody and the arrangements that gets there first.   I suppose that is why music is truly an international language.  You don’t have to speak the language to be lifted by the soaring strings in a beautiful John Denver tune or be rocked to contentment by the  chunky strumming of a mandolin…….don’t get me started on vocal  harmony.   It isn’t the words as much as the voice as an instrument.   I  can be lulled by the sonic quality of voices perfectly suited for one another, joined in harmony…. words are not  even necessary for me to have a visceral reaction.   Don’t get me wrong,  a good lyric can rock my world as well.   It ‘s just that it isn’t usually what get’s me first.

My problem here is that it can also lull me into a bit of procrastination.   I love it so much and become so obsessed with a new song or artist that I lose track of my own work.   I do yearn to sing for and with others but sitting at my computer or singing along in my car can sometimes do it for me….temporarily.   Sometimes it inspires me and sometimes it discourages me because I don’t have those strings behind me or even a drummer or percussionist to  play with.   When I sing, just me and my guitar, it sounds empty to me and I am always worried that it is not enough.   Hence,  June has come and  gone and I never did  the concert I  had said  I was going to do.   I really really want a band.   I want to be grabbed by the heart by my own music.   If it doesn’t grab me musically then how can it grab you?   And yet,  I was so moved by the simplest of duets yesterday.  It was only two  voices and one piano (wish I had one of those as well)   and it was enough.

So…..I am going to try again.   I will put something together and let you know.   For now,  check  out Rumer.  I won’t even tell you what to listen to but I know you will find something you like.  She is really great.


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