Monthly Archives: September 2011

Blue Skies


Writers block!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   what to do.   I have at least three good ideas that  I feel really good about but the  guitar is not my friend.   It was my friend and now I feel betrayed.  Every time I sit down to write and I think I have a really beautiful melody I realize,  and sometimes too late, that I am singing someone elses  song.  Oh the frustration.

I suppose listening to really great writers (of the melody kind) is becoming a road block of sorts.  Imagine if the thing that inspires you is the one thing that keeps you from doing what you love.  Does that make any sense?  It doesn’t to me.   It  is truly  a crippling feeling.  Of course, once that self doubt starts ringing in your ears, you become frozen in your tracks.   Maybe if I turn the music up a little louder I  won’t hear the  ringing in my ears…….no, that’s not right?

I feel a breakthrough is eminent.   I suppose those “bluer skies” I have been  searching for all these years are just beyond the horizon.  I guess I just  need to keep rowing.