Monthly Archives: October 2011

“Things are gonna get easier”


My husband has developed a new way to wake me up in the morning.  Not only does he put the coffee on but he sends number 4 into the darkness of my early morning bedroom to wake me with a song.  He proudly walks in, lap top in hand, and lays it on the bed.  One morning it was “Good Morning Starshine”  one of my childhood favorites (and no I am not ashamed of that.)  I wish I could remember some of the other titles but he wiped my memory clean with today’s selection.

It is a song from my  childhood that holds so many great memories and is especially meaningful at this stage of our lives.   I have been wallowing pretty heavily  in my worry and upset these days and you just can’t do that when you are listening to this song.  It is hopeful and full of the promise of better days ahead.   I send this out to  anyone who needs to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Enjoy!