“Long Live the King”


Today would have been my nephew Kenneth’s 25th birthday but he left us 3 weeks ago.  How or why he left us just doesn’t really seem to matter today.  I have made a choice today to celebrate and to not give into reducing his whole life to one moment, one final moment.  He loved to sing and so I choose to sing today.  He is alive and well in my song today.  I chose to sit down and write a song in his honor.   I am including a video of him here.   It isn’t professional but it is great.   It is, I  believe, him in his  bliss.   I watch it and can relate to those moments when you really just sing your heart out.  Words and music collide into  a soaring vocal.   I can feel his joy coming right off the screen.  I choose to remember him this way …….and to put on a harmony.


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  1. That is exactly what we all want to do today as we celebrate the day we were blessed to welcome him into our lives and our family 25 years ago. He would be humbled … and ecstatic to know you wrote a song for him. Until we get to hear it, we can be more than satisfied listening to him singing. (Thank you, YouTube, for giving us that!)

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