Thanks for the Memories


We lost a legend this week and because he is so profoundly intertwined in my childhood, it bears two postings in one day.  Andy Williams has left this physical world but his voice and his music is the blessing that remains.

While I did not know him personally he will be forever locked in my memory as the one who was there on Saturday nights when I was still small enough to crawl into my dad’s lap after the ritual Saturday night bath.  Clean and scrubbed I would sit so still and listen to my dad hum along to the songs that he sang and feel his chest rise and lower with a gentle chuckle over some silly sketch.  I know those vibrations in the depths of my soul and try to pass those comforts along to my own children.  Those things that are constant and there for us with out fail.  Music so profoundly moves me and with this loss this week it digs deep into that which makes us all feel human and connected…… whether we “knew” him or not.

I do have friends who knew him quite well and for them my heart aches.  It feels good to be able to reach out to them and truly say “I know your ache”  We grieve what we have lost and look around to those we know are on the precipice.  The challenge is to remember not to grieve them while they are still here and yet we try to brace ourselves for that very ache we know we cannot stop from coming.  The grace comes when we can stop for a moment and remember to be grateful that we have “loved and lost”

I am grateful for the memories and youtube that allows me to relive just a little of that joy and comfort.  Here’s to Andy Williams our “Huckleberry friend.” Andy Williams: Moon River


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