The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Music


I have a mountain.  Literally speaking it is not mine but figuratively, I own every inch of it.  Everyday I walk about a mile and a half straight up hill into Griffith park.  As hills go, it is quite steep and while not treacherous, challenging.  I pass lots of people with dogs along the way and I do mean pass.  I often challenge myself to pass them up as we cross the same land marks.  I walk a total of three miles in about 40 minutes.  I have been doing it for a few weeks now and am still quite surprised that it hasn’t gotten any easier.  I try to walk in the cool of the morning and on an empty stomach.  I don’t want anything to weigh me down.

My mountain has come to represent so much in my life.  I talk to myself as I go along.  I have chosen not to use any ear buds pumping music into my head and distracting me from the task at hand.  I noticed today that most of what I say to myself on this morning jaunt is positive.  I have become quite used to the negative banter that seems to be on an eternal loop in my mind but not on my morning trek.  I say things like ” You are doing it!”  sometimes I give myself a pat on the back for not giving into the little voice that says “cut it short today….you have laundry.”  I don’t give into panic about limited time or too many other things to do.  This is “my time”  I will not give it away.  I was saying to myself just yesterday while I was really struggling  “don’t quit now.  You will have let yourself down and you deserve this.”  I cannot overstate this…..this is not my normal voice.  It leaves me wondering  “Why now?  Why here?  Why this?   Why don’t I employ this method in the rest of my life.  I do I break the promises I make to myself?  I have decided not to over think it but to just relish in that 40 minutes a day when I tell myself all the right things.

I will however, try and apply it to the life of a CD.  I climb the mountain and keep my eye on the next land mark and I know the translation is quite clear.  I just have to reevaluate the land marks.  I will reach the top of this mountain and I feel renewed and recharged.  Stay tuned!


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  1. It’s nice to see such a positive post from you. I can actually see you smiling in those phrases. Your life is a journey (often uphill), so just keep repeating those words to yourself throughout the day like a mantra … and be sure to teach them to your kids! Love you lots.

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