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Counting My Blessings


As I sit here tonight it is hard not to feel grateful. I truly have been counting my blessings of late. My family and friends of course top the list but that only begins to scratch the surface.

I recently scaled my mountain and made it all the way to the Griffith Park observatory…..two and a half miles straight up. It was a beautiful clear crisp fall morning. Besides the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment, I had the added blessing of being able to see the view of all of Los Angeles in all it’s blue sky glory. It is truly amazing to live in L.A. The sometimes overlooked blessing, is the community of hikers,dog walkers, runners and cyclists I pass by daily. Some of them I have even begun to recognize as we share a daily ” good morning”. It is good to know we are connected if even for a brief, breathless smile. I still pass my fare share of wild life and I can’t say that I am comfortable with any of it but I know that I am the visitor and try my best to respect that. I am grateful for the time to think. I don’t plug in on my walks. It is just me and my thoughts.

I also met with a gentleman this past week who is willing to take on my little CD project. I am moving forward and trying not to worry or give any time to my fears about financing it. I am moving forward in faith and as my brother says ” rowing towards shore”. Stay tuned on that front. Will try and set up some sort of kick starter account or something like it for those of you who might be in a position to help if only to spread the word. There will be a three song demo coming out ( I hope with the New Year) and a few concerts here and there. We are really going to be working hard over the next two months.

Finally, the whole concept has really come into clarity this last few weeks. I wrote a song yesterday……that is always a blessing. Music continues to help me say what I want when words are not enough….grateful doesn’t even begin to cover it! I am grateful when you stop by this blog and even more grateful when you take the time to let me know that you were here and leave me a comment. Yet again, it makes me feel connected and I think that is what most people want.

So as we spend these next few days stuffing our faces and sharing time with friends and family, remember the ones who feel disconnected and reach out to them even if they are a stranger and it just a passing hello and a smile. You never know when you might be making someone’s day a little brighter.

…and don’t forget to count your blessings!
Enjoy a little Bing!
Count Your Blessings